Strong Defense Against Drunk Driving Charges

Although the official term in Ohio is operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI), many people commonly refer to drunk driving as DUI or DWI. No matter what you call it, the charges are serious and require the counsel of a skilled drunk driving defense attorney.

At The Ferruccio Law Firm, we have the skills, experience and resources to help you resolve nearly any type of drunk driving charges, from first-offense DUI to felony DUI. We will also work to mitigate any related consequences, such as license suspension, loss of license or loss of a commercial driver's license.

Laws And Penalties Continue To Strengthen

Generally speaking, drunk driving laws have gone in only one direction. Over the past two decades, the laws and penalties related to drunk driving have increased significantly and will likely continue to do so.

One example is the length of the "look-back period" for individuals with a prior OVI conviction or plea on their record. Until recently, the look-back period was six years, meaning that a previous OVI conviction/plea must have occurred within the past six years to be a factor in sentencing for a current offense. In early 2017, the law was changed and the look-back period increased to 10 years.

There's a lot a stake when it comes to drunk driving charges. Therefore, you should seek help from an attorney with as much experience as possible.

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